February 24, 2019
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This enables the management to have real time answers as concerns employee training and skills development needs. It also enables the management to keep track of which employees have demonstrated initiative by completing training, Employees training schedules for various training courses that are available, what training(s) have been completed. Success levels of the training undertaken. What skills were acquired as a result.

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We all have training and skills related questions about employees. Memorysoft’s staff training and development manager provides answers to these questions and helps you keep track of the following:-

  • Which employees have demonstrated initiative by completing training?
  • Schedule employee for various training courses available.
  • What training have they completed?
  • Did they do well?
  • What skills did they acquire as a result?
  • Training that is scheduled for, in progress, or completed by the employee.
  • Keep up-to-date with employees’ training schedules and certification status.
  • The skill acquired through that training assignment/course.
  • Support tracking of staff attendance.
  • Level of achievement attained.
  • Duration of the training and where it was done.
  • Cost of the training and direct and indirect expenses.
  • Keeping employee training records up to date to reflect current training status.
  • Define training requirements by job code to ensure your employees are aware of training needs at the time of hire.
  • Update skills list as employees successfully complete training.
  • Track recurring training requirements to maintain employee certifications.
  • Automatically remove a course from an employee’s list of required courses once it’s successfully completed.
  • Set up classes, schedule attendance, and manage class rosters for students and instructors.
  • Evaluate cost/benefit relationships, and determine department charge-backs.
  • Compute costs by attendee, course, job classification or department and allocate costs accurately and equitably.
  • Make informed decisions by viewing the training program expense history.
  • Ensure new hires get properly enrolled through product integration – training requirements are automatically added to Memorysoft Training module when you record a new hire or an employee promotion is entered in Memorysoft.
  • Generate course catalogs to aid employee enrollment.
  • Create unique letter formats using the built-in report creation tool to customize standard Memorysoft train letters.
  • Ability to maintain training service providers and courses and the costs database.
  • Provides standard and ad-hoc reporting capabilities.
  • Supports on-line course application and approval mechanisms.
  • Supports tracking of staff training attendance.


  • Providers.
  • Courses available.
  • Schedules & calendars.
  • Employee training needs.
  • Course Contents.
  • Course costs.
  • Course certification.
  • Course Attendees.
  • Attendees Attendance report.
  • Etc.

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