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Performance Appraisal is an important component of HR management, yet a complex one to successfully administer without Memorysoft. With the Performance Management module integrated in Memorysoft you can also support any preliminary Performance Management sub-processes. Performance appraisals between managers and employees are the basis for evaluating achievement of objectives that contribute to calculating performance-based salary components.

The assessment manager enables Human Resources staff to record the following;

  • What type of appraisal is scheduled?
  • Which appraisals were done, and when?
  • The dates for which the appraisal is scheduled.
  • Administer tests for employee’s skills and competencies.
  • The system provides for the definition of various skill and personnel profile assessment against which a member of staff may be evaluated.
  • It provides the management with a position from which job objectives may be defined and matched against an employee’s assessment level.
  • Analysis can be compared to the current skills and attributes of the job occupant or a successor to highlight possible skill deficiencies.
  • Allowing further training requirements to be highlighted.
  • User definable staff assessment and appraisal against a position profile.
  • Set job objectives or against skill levels.
  • This may then be used against career and succession planning.
  • The staff appraisal evaluates an employee’s assessment performance against one’s positions assessment criteria.
  • It has unlimited number of user definable tables for Educational Institutions, Certificates, Courses and Skills; Hobbies; Staff References and Registrations, Memos, Assessors and Job grades.
  • Ability to provide employment activity analysis reports for promotions, terminations, layoffs, recalls, new hires and lateral transfers.
  • Ability to support on-line performance reviews.
  • It can also maintain employee performance appraisal history.